Totalitarian Methods Of Domination

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Arendt explained that “totalitarian methods of domination’ are uniquely suited to programmes of mass extermination” such as the massacring of Jewish citizens in Germany by the Nazis (Arendt, 1979, p. 440). However, Anthony Court expands on Arendt’s theory of totalitarianism by stating that ‘previous regimes of terror, does not simply aim to extinguish physical life but rather total terror is preceded by the obliteration of civil and political rights as well as exclusion from the public sphere, the confiscation of property and lastly the deportation and murder of entire extended families and their surrounding communities’ (Court, 2008, p. 102). This definition is clearly seen throughout history whether it be associated with World War II, Stalinism, ISIS, Al Qaeda or the frequent riots occurring in western societies such as the Oakland 2009 riots, London 2011 riots or the Ferguson 2014/15 riots with each riot strongly associated with racial tension and unrest. Each of these events have different levels of totalitarianism but show that society does not learn from past events. Arendt explains that totalitarianism is formed when governments have emerged as a result of the institutionalisation of terror and violence (D 'Entreves, 2014). However since Stalinism and Nazism there has not been a period of time where terror or violence has been extinguished, whether it be state racism, nationalism or terrorism global society has not transitioned away from totalitarianism. Arendt
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