Totalitarianism : A Totalitarian State, Public And Private Behavior

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Totalitarianism is a political system in which the government has the authority to regulate every aspect of public and private behavior. Since totalitarianism is based off of a specific ideology, every totalitarian government or group can be different from each other. There is no single established definition for the term, however all definitions of totalitarianism contain commonalities. New World Encyclopedia states that these commonalities include getting a mass population to follow a specific ideology, instituting control, and setting up repercussions for those who go against the totalitarian state. By defining totalitarianism, it displays the difference from a democracy and the similarities to the government of North Korea. (Totalitarianism).
Totalitarianism is a means of total control. Under a totalitarian state, public and private behavior is regulated and there is an attempt to mold individuals into the desired type (Totalitarianism). There is no choice in this type of political system, all decisions are predetermined by the main force. Michael Kleen states in his study that “Totalitarianism is therefore not specifically a system of government, but a way of organizing society by means of a powerful, centralized state” (Kleen). Things needed to maintain this type of modern state include mass media, education, and political culture. The key component to a functioning totalitarian state is access to this control. Kleen reiterates that “Totalitarian goal is not just

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