Totalitarianism In Animal Farm, By George Orwell

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Animal Farm has been deemed one of the most controversial pieces of literature to date. It has been deemed rightfully because the book treks over the disadvantages in many societies in the 1950’s. Animal Farm explores totalitarianism and failed political beliefs that were popular at the time with other countries such as Russia. The author, George Orwell, feels as if he needs to issue a warning to the people about the idea of totalitarianism in these countries. Animal Farm is an allegorical piece of writing where George Orwell utilizes various literary devices to develop who Napoleon, Squealer, Boxer, and the farm symbolize in his message. When discussing character development in Animal Farm, it is almost impossible to not talk about the pig turned Stalin, Napoleon. Orwell uses one of the most obvious literary devices present in the book, anthropomorphism, to display Napoleon’s ever growing intelligence and evilness. Napoleon the Pig is given very human qualities, qualities such as being an unjust ruler. It is said in the book that the pigs do not actually work, they merely direct and supervise (Orwell, 19). Napoleon and the pigs go from selfless to self-serving once they have control of the farm. Another device integrated into Napoleon’s development is hubris. Hubris is present when there is a character who has excessive pride or self-confidence. The reader can observe this with Napoleon whenever “he did emerge, it was in a ceremonial manner” (Orwell, 52). Hubris is also a prominent quality when speaking of dictators like Stalin as he did in fact had plenty of propaganda with his face all over it (Soviet Union). It just signifies that Napoleon begins to be villainous when he starts to develop a form of hubris. Foreshadow was also utilized in his early stages of leader of the farm.. The foreshadowing tells us Napoleon was always planning to turn on the farm even in the early stages. When the puppies are born, he says that he’ll “make himself responsible for their education” (Orwell, 24). This signifies that he always had planned to have guard dogs and when they do guard, they make him feel powerful and they make the animals of Animal Farm fear him. There’s no doubt that the guard dogs are supposed to represent
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