Totalitarianism in Orwell's Mind Essay

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The Party desires to control every aspect of Winston Smith’s life; his work, ideologies, attitude, thoughts, appearance, everything. The Thought Police, Big Brother, and Ingsoc are embodiments of everything that author George Orwell hates in government. 1984, a book written by Orwell, depicts a society called Oceania, in which unwary citizens are obedient to the Party, a totalitarian regime. Totalitarianism is defined as a political system in which a centralized government does not tolerate any form of political dissent and seeks to control many, if not all, aspects of public and private life. Another one of George Orwell’s books, Animal Farm, is an allegory about the Soviet Union, and in it farm animals subscribe to a belief system,…show more content…
A Party member is required to have not only the right opinions, but the right instincts” (Orwell 1984 211).
This excerpt basically states that anyone who dissents from the ideas of Ingsoc, the political belief system in Oceania, are tortured and killed, enforcing the Party’s totalitarian will. This creates a form of legitimacy in the Oceanian government, because everyone views the government to have a right to exist; everyone who thinks otherwise is dead. Another way to create legitimacy is via appearance, such as the pigs in Animal Farm. Squealer is a charismatic and deceiving pig on the farm, and constantly lies to the animals on the farm to keep the pigs in power. One time, he told the farm that the pigs had to labor for hours on end on files, reports, minutes, and memoranda. They had to fill out all these forms and essays, only to burn them in the furnace (Orwell Animal Farm 129 - 130). For any situation, especially a farm, filling out paperwork just to burn it doesn’t help the community at all, but because the animals don’t understand the repercussions, it causes the totalitarian government on the farm to appear legitimate, allowing the pigs to maintain control of the farm. Both of these governments, the one in 1984’s Oceania, and on the farm
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