Totally Wrecked Your Very First Car

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So You've Totally Wrecked Your Very First Car, Now What?

Getting your first car is an exciting right of passage, but if you happen to have the unfortunate experience of wrecking it, you have much to do to rectify the situation and as quickly as possible. Take a few deep breaths to clear your mind, then get right to the business of trying to put your life behind the wheel back together. The following information will help you to accomplish this goal.

1. Fight For Your Rights If You Weren't At Fault

Just because you don't have a lot of driving experience under your belt, doesn't mean you're automatically at fault for a wreck. An accident can really complicate life in your immediate future, such as raising your insurance rates or even having your license restricted. If there were any extenuating circumstances that implicate the other driver, road conditions or faulty equipment, document these facts clearly and try to prove your innocence. A
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Explain what happened and be prepared with that police report of the event, if you truly were not at fault. If there is an accident forgiveness clause in your insurance, talk about how that will help you now with the agent. Also, discuss the possibility of paying a higher deductible, if that would make the new or adjusted policy easier for you to manage.

5. Try And Get Yourself Into Another Car

It's important to bounce back quickly after a car accident, for a number of reasons. First, you want to make sure you don't develop any fright of driving, especially if the accident you were involved in was severe or caused harm. Additionally, you want to be in the position to put your life back in order and return to normal, be that getting to work, school or simply enjoying the independence having a vehicle of your own provides.

6. Consider Being Put On Another Person's Insurance If
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