Touch Football Participation Sociology (Explained using Figueroa's framework)

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Touch Football

Participation Sociology


The main level of inequity, after applying Figueroa's five level framework of equity, and studying the survey information, all aspects of the framework were found to affect the participation, but the main level being the institutional level.


Touch is fast and skilful game attracting participants of all shapes and sizes, genders and backgrounds. Touch began as a training game for the two rugby codes during the 1950's and 60's it was never seen as a sport in its own right.

Today touch enjoys a healthy level of participation both on a national front, with World Cups and Trans Tasman competitions as part of the representative calendar.

Despite the popularity of the sport
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Certainly, Touch being a non-contact sport showing no aspects of rough, aggressive behaviour, is seen, by the majority, as not a very suitable sport for males to play, and a game involving a football is seen as not an appropriate game for girls.


"The structural level is concerned with the factors such as resources, rewards, social position and power" (Kirk et al. 1999 p.130)

Major Rugby Union playing countries are Australia, England, France, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa and Wales.

The minor nations include Argentina, Canada, Fiji, Georgia, Japan, Namibia, Romania, Samoa, Spain, Tonga, United States, Uruguay.


Because the of huge international media cover, Rugby League is a highly popular game both in the ILC institute, (See appendix Graph 1) and internationally.

Players of this highly popular game are in turn regarded to have high social position,

Whereas Touch, now played in 23 countries across the globe, including Great Britain, USA, Japan, NZ, and Canada

(, has almost no media coverage, giving it a low social placing. Players of Major Rugby Union also get generous rewards (clubs paying them to play), whereas major touch club players get no money.


" This level refers to the way society and institutions advantage and disadvantage particular group due to their regular and routine practices".

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