Touch Football and Energy Systems Essays

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Research Report: Processes and Effects of Training and Exercise in Touch Table of Contents Introduction 3 2.0 Data Analysis 3 2.1 The Game of Touch 3 2.2 Middle Position Requirements 4 2.3 Wing Position Requirements 5 2.4 Personal Fitness Profile 7 3.0 Discussion 8 4.0 Recommendations 9 5.0 Conclusions 10 6.0 Appendix 11 7.0 Bibliography 12 1.0 Introduction All athletes regardless of age, gender, genetics or sport can benefit from effective training. It is important that the selected training improves the body’s ability to perform tasks associated with the chosen…show more content…
(Amezdroz, 2010) Passing and catching is an essential part of being a middle, whether it is receiving from the dummy half or passing out to a wing; these movements require limbs to move in the right direction and at the right speed to be preformed effectively. Energy System Requirements A game of touch requires the use of all energy systems at once but in varied amounts. The body will automatically choose which energy system it requires the most based on the fitness components used. It has been identified above that the three main components used by a middle are; Aerobic capacity, muscular endurance and coordination. In figure 12.5 it shows the relationship between components of fitness and energy systems. Both aerobic capacity and muscular endurance relate to the Aerobic system. The aerobic system uses oxygen and is generally one of low-mid intensity and/or of a longer duration. Middles utilise this energy system because they continuously require energy production at an almost equal rate. 2.3 Wing Position Requirements The wings are the two outermost players on a field. Wings must be quick and able to produce explosive efforts. In attack they should be towards the sidelines anticipating opportunities to score, whilst defence they can move inwards more. (Wrexham Touch, 2010) Fitness Component Requirements (anaerobic capacity,
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