Touching Spirit Bear Essay

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Touching Spirit Bear Character Analysis – Cole In Ben Mikealsen’s novel – Touching Spirit Bear, Cole is a 14 year old juvenile delinquent from Minneapolis. He is a very angry, furious, fierce and violent boy who does not seem to have any control over his anger. Although he might be a very angry and impatient, he is also honest, strong, reflective and hardworking person by the end of the book. What is the cause of Cole’s anger? What helped Cole changed into a better person? What role does the Spirit Bear play? Cole does not seem to have any control of the unforgettable emotion, anger. “Edwin told me once that anger was a memory never forgotten. He’s right” (Page 130). The main cause of his anger is his own angry and alcoholic…show more content…
As a result, he has learned to forgive, tell the truth, and has also realized all the mistakes and discomfort he caused to people, especially Peter, and decides to do his best to make up for it. After Cole learns the value of life, he wants to make up for every mistake he had done in the past and looked to improve. After recovering from his injuries, he is again sent to the island and the first improvement he made, was that he did not try to escape from the island when he was not monitored. He chose to face the consequences, rather than running away. The next improvement he made was, he tried his hardest to get his anger into control. He followed Edwin’s and Garvey’s advice and techniques such as, soaking into the pond, rolling down the ancestor rock and his anger down the hill and dancing by the fire each night. Eventually he stopped blaming others for his mistakes. The next improvement he made in his life, was that he made Peter to come to the island and made sure he saw the wonders and value of life. “There is one way to help him,” Cole blurted, but his voice was drowned out as Edwin revved the engine to steer the boat out away from the rocks. “You are not listening!” Cole screamed across the water. “I can help him!” (Page 202) He apologized to Peter and shows that he feels sorry for all the problems he had caused to his life. He changes into an honest, hardworking, reflective and trustworthy person. Cole has learned from his
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