Touching The Void Character Analysis

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There is no limit to the human spirit’s will to survive. In the heart gripping survival story Touching the Void written by Vincent ----- follows in the footsteps of Joe Simpson the survivor who in the face of adversity proved that the mind and souls power to keep going may just keep you alive enough to see the better days ahead. A survivor is one who conquers though the damage that has been done to them, in order to survive it takes both physical and mental strength such as Joe who survived miraculously, after falling down into a crevasse and as well as subsisting with three days of no food or water. Nevertheless, even though survival is the main events of the story in the face of hardship and adversity there are other elements such as friendship that is on the line and purely tested in order to survive.

In 1985, Joe Simpson and his buddy Simon Yates traveled to the Andes to Climb the top of Siula Grande. When they reached the summit disaster struck, Joe plunged of the vertical face of an ice ledge resulting him in a ruptured leg. Simon did his best to lower him down but as a blizzard raged through Simon was forced to cut the rope. During Joes will to survive, he first found himself clinging onto rope in thin air. Joe from the very beginning knows he’s going to fight to survive this and recalls “Rather [than] just sit here, feeling sorry for myself… I’ll get on with it and I’ll die on the way down” stating that he would rather die trying then give up and just die. This
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