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Analysis Paper

This paper mainly addresses the differences between the interests, ideas and thinking of two people and between groups. Each individual experience conflict in his day to day life . This paper consists of investment banking career and issues faced by an employee from his superior. In an organization, it is very important to emphasize on the conflict management as conflicts in an organization have its own pros and cons The paper explains root causes for the issues and criteria for finding the solution for the problem. .The analysis paper clarifies about possible solution for the root cause taking into the fusion concept into consideration and how it can
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This type of management yields results faster as all the people work in the interest of organization. Fusion leadership helps in resolving the conflicts in the organization and helps in innovative ideas. Following are the root causes which made Frazer to believe that Chips is not good at people management.
Communication Failure:
Jean Fenster one of the associates who worked with Mazey on few deals was asked to complete an assignment which would typically take three days to finish, she was assigned the assignment at 8PM and was asked to submit by next day morning. Fenster put her best efforts to prepare the report and she presented it to Mazey the very next day. Mazey questioned every assumption Fenster had made, countered every explanation she offered in a derogatory manner, and nitpicked her work for an entire hour. He then asked her to redo the work based on information he forwarded via email. The email had sufficient information for completing the assignment and it also indicated that the assignment was due in two weeks. Failure to communicate necessary information is one of the root causes for Frazer to believe that Chip is not good in managing people and also work.
Short Temperament
Another criterion which indicated that Chip was bad in management of people is short temperedness. Rich Patten, another associate who worked with Mazey described an Incident which shows the short temperament of Mazey. During a conference call with a

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