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"Tough Guy" Case Study by Team #1 "Tough Guy" Case Study In this case study Chip uses a leadership style of forcing and competing in order to meet his desired needs. This gives him the delusion of power and superiority both by using intimidation and condescending remarks coupled with situational abuse. These characteristics are the shark style of conflict and never questioning a leaders’ authority. If an opinion is desired it will be formulated and given to the other party. Chip manages his employees and associates with ridicule, put downs, and threats to obtain the desired objectives. An immediate reaction might be to fight fire with fire but there may be more to this case than the initial burn of a shark bite. The problem is…show more content…
Detailing the criteria for an effective solution means identifying the relevant information, which involves gathering and writing down the details, disclosing the findings to the group, deciding which method to use to confront the individual, and then put together an action plan. An effective solution should indicate the benefits and disadvantages of approaching Chip. The results of confrontation listed so that each outcome is acceptable under each scenario. The Tough Guy case team testimony must be a collective document before presentation and be absent of sensationalism, false reports, and disinformation. This will require some element of proof entailing times, dates, places, and situation staging. Perhaps by finding out these details by using an effective solution, a better understanding of why Chip acts in this way becomes evident. It is possible that procedurally Jeremy Frazer should not be a sympathetic ear for their concerns. This may not be a problem at all but from all indicators there will be cause for concern. Identifying the root causes of why Chip uses a strong leadership mantra leads to answers needed for this investigation into conflict resolution. Labeling Chip’s behavior will require distinguishing between the facts and fiction in the data collected. There

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