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Tough Guy Case Study
Read through the article, we know that Jeremy Frazer, an associate at the investment bank called Hudson Smith Gordon, was confronted with a challenge. He knew that investment bank is such competitive and cruel field so that he would meet and work with people with different personalities: aggressive, ambitious, and arrogant. He never thought that one day he have to deal with person like Chip Mazey, the vice president of the company, who was known his poor personal skills. For Chip Mazey’s bad manners, Jeremy Frazer’s excitement was diminished quickly during their first meet. Afterwards, he knew that many peers had experienced Mazey’s disrespectful behavior. Nevertheless no one had ever
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Teamwork and communication are two of the core keys to construct an effective and harmonious atmosphere yet Mazey’s nitpicking behavior and one-way communicating skill would definitely ruin the balance.

No doubt that Mazey is an aggressive communicator who always tries to manipulate people to do what he wants. One of the representative examples is that when Frazer first met Mazey he was shocked by Mazey’s outrageous behavior of ordering him to stand “right here” and pointing a spot in front of his desk. By doing so at their first time meet, Mazey wanted to show that “this is my place and all of you should listen to me”. In terms of Fenster’s experience, which she was derogated and insulted directly by Mazey for her unqualified assignment. We can assume Mazey has his own high standard and excessively strict to his subordinates, nevertheless he was unable to express his own opinions and attitudes to the peers may accounted for why he was so easily irritated to some extent. What’s worse, he is a changeable person that you will never know what he will do next. He may become enraged abruptly at the meeting but apologize to you in the next second; he may request you get back to work immediately during your vacation; he may ring you up in the midnight when you fall asleep. He is an absolutely workaholic, but as a leader his duty is to unite and to manage people. It seemed he was doing the opposite.

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