Tough Times in the Song: Sound of Silence by by Simon and Garfunkel

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In this song Sound of Silence the author/writer of this song went through many tough times in his life to make this a popular hit. Their first recording of the album which was released and finished early Wednesday morning. They soon realized it wasn’t a big hit and there band split up and went their separate directions. Soon after many months without the knowledge of Garfunkel and Simon, Columbia Records stepped in and modified their song and added many new instruments like guitar, bass, drums to make it more interesting and popular. This new version then was released in September 1965 to the public which it was a major sellout. It was originally called “Sounds of Silence” but after their next release they changed the title to just “Sound of Silence”. The title of this song showed itself to be an oxymoron and that it’s a figure of speech. As there are no sounds when there is silence. What it is trying to say is that when you are ignored all you are surrounded with is silence. The creators of the song worked a tremendous amount to put this song together and finally made it a successful hit in the past.

The song "Sounds of Silence" by Simon and Garfunkel is a very catchy song because of the rhyming and also has many of the poem language and diction already in it which makes it a very interesting tune to listen to. My first impressions of the song were in a positive manner. It first come out with “Hello darkness, my old friend” showing that he is in the dark and does not know
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