Toughts on the Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment On June 1, 1985 Kathy Wilhoit was murdered. Greg Wilhot was left a single father to care for his four months old and fourteen months old. Nearly a year after Kathy was murdered Greg was accused, arrested and charged with the murder. The evidence to convict Greg of murder was a bite mark on Kathy’s body, that two dental “experts” matched with Greg's bite. This man was behind bars with two young daughters at home, so his parents decided to hire one of Oklahoma’s “best” defense attorneys. Unfortunately this attorney had taken to drinking and neglected his responsibilities as a lawyer. Greg Wilhoit was sentenced to death. In an article by Nancy Vollertsen, Greg's sister, she wrote a quote from Greg saying “"At the sentencing," Wilhoit said, "the judge told me I was to die by lethal injection. Then he said, 'But if that fails, we'll kill you by electrocution. If the power goes out, we'll hang you. If the rope breaks, we'll take you out back and shoot you.'" Needless to say after eight years in prison twelve new odontologists found that the bite mark could not be Greg’s. Unfortunately, these cases of finding innocent men guilty and are all too common. Luckily, Greg was exonerated before he received his incorrect punishment of death. (Vollersten) Though Greg was lucky, that is not always the case with capital punishment and innocent men are convicted and killed. Capital punishment it too subjective to mistakes and biases to be taken into consideration. As well

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