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Tourette Syndrome Tourette syndrome is an inherited severe neurological disorder usually occurring before the age of eighteen and is associated with a degree of facial and body tics sometimes accompanied by random declarations of phrases or obscenities (2,3). The facial and body tics associated with the disorder can be painful and even embarrassing. Involuntary body movements such as jaw snapping, gyrating, hopping, and obscene gesturing are to name a few (1). Tourette Syndrome was named after a French neuropsychiatrist named Gilles de la Tourette who successfully assessed the disorder in the late 1800’s(3). Tourette Syndrome claims no specific race or ethnicity. The disorder generally can affect any ethnic group yet it does…show more content…
Associated with the motor tics experienced by the patient are sometimes more self-destructive behavior such as head banging, eye poking, and lip biting (1). There have also been cases of various learning disabilities connected with Tourette Syndrome such as dyslexia (4). Vocal tic behavior in patients diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome include outbursts of meaningless words or phrases. The vocal tics disrupt the regular flow of speech and cause the patient to stammer or stutter (1). Inappropriate outbursts called coprolalia are considered involuntary. Coprolalia may also take place in this display of vocal tic disorder. However, coprolalia only takes place in a small number of Tourette Syndrome sufferer’s (1). Each individual suffering from Tourette Syndrome should be evaluated as such. Certain manifestations of Tourette Syndrome may disable one in certain parts of their life such as in their school performance, while it may affect another’s personality or psyche (3). It may affect a totally different behavioral dimension in one’s life than that of another diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome. Although research on Tourette Syndrome is ongoing, it is believed that the disorder is
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