Touring Brasil Essay

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Touring Brasil

Flight to Brazil Rio de Janeiro at 4 pm . The weather was very nice and hot as I expected. I waited 2 hours without prior notice my flight to Brasilia had been called . The flight took about one hour and a half .

I arrived at Brasilia at about 8 pm , the weather still very nice but it was rainy . Not a big deal ! because in Brazil specially in this time of the year the rain is going to take part of the trip I know that Brasilia is well known because of it's

good climate the temperature is very pleasant all over the year ( never too hot and never too cold ) and sunny days and beautiful sunsets are very common .

Brasilia has very positive points to write about it .The
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So I did .I ate meat in a restaurant called Rodicio with beans and rice . Very good and inexpensive .After I meet my guide her name is Christina Martins and we started by the buildings and monuments.

Praça dos tres Poderes around which you could see various important Government buildings The supreme Tribunal Federal, as well as monuments (such as Liberty Panteon). Beside the "Praça" you will also be able to see the National Flag and the "Espaço Lucio Costa" in which you will find a mock-up of Brasilia.

Palacio da Alvorada, the official residence of the city. The building was built in only 10 days and inaugurated in October 31, 1956.

Teatro Nacional Claudio Santoso (National Theather).

After I was so so tired so I said goodbye to Christina until next day. I ate dinner, I sleep until 8 am.

Day 3

Christina and I met at 9 am at the lobby so we started having and special drive to the heliport to fly in an helicopter to have a Bird's eye view of the city.

The heliport is next to the TV Tower.

Flying in an helicopter was a great experience. It was my first time and I will never forget Brasilia because of it.

Afterwards, we went to the Botanic garden and the

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