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GradusOne Tourism Panel was the first networking event I attended. This event was held at The Profile Vancouver and featured a panel of industry professionals, whom all engaged in very interesting discussions about British Columbia’s growing Tourism and Hospitality industry. The panellists included an Executive Director from Destination Canada, the CEO of The Vancouver Trolley Company, Corporate Manager and HR of SilverBirch Hotel and Resorts, Program Manager of Go2HR, and General Manager of the Pan Pacific Vancouver. The panel put together was fantastic, although all panellists were from the tourism and hospitality industry; there was still this strong diversity in each panellist’s field. I found all panellists gave us a great insight of the different fields, opportunities and even difficulties that they face within their professions. I really enjoyed the ambiance of this event, it was great, and the location was beautiful with a large enclosed room, which encouraged everyone to socialize and network. Overall, this sold out networking event had a maximum of 100 people and I was very pleased with the overall experience. The second networking event I attended was, CONNECT Show BC. This event brings together thousands of owners and operators of restaurants, hotels, bars, and tourism and hospitality companies from across British Columbia. The event was located at the Waterfront Convention Centre, and is known as an industry trade show. The show was only open to

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