Tourism And Its Impact On Tourism

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Tourism There are a lot of people want to see the unseen and discover the unknown so, some of people use various means such as reading books and others watching document movies but the best mean is travelling for tourism because it give them the chance to increase their knowledge and experience by a visual knowledge. The meaning and the concept of Tourism is vary and different according to the language and the region so, it can be defined in different ways. Also, the present day tourism is not the same as travels of the early periods of human history. Tourism as a modem term is the temporary movement of people to destinations outside their normal place of work and residence. Such a pleasure-seeking tourist is a traveler moving from place to place or visiting the same place time and again. There are a lot of benefits of tourism for the tourists and for the countries which they visit. First for the tourists, the tourism has educative value such as, trade, commerce, history, languages, culture, geography, and costumes. Second for the countries, the tourism has economic impact such as it increase the international income. Also, it has socio- cultural impact, and environmental impact. For all these reason tourism is very important for the people and societies. The purposes which make people travel from place to another is various and different. Some of the important classifications of tourism are religious tourism, ecotourism, and medical tourism. There is a famous type of
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