Tourism And Tourism Development Of Tourism Essay

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Tourism is considered as the world fastest growing sector and its economic importance has also captured many of the developing countries in the world. The growing development of the advanced technology and the globalisation and easy affordability of travelling has made it possible for many people travelling outside the countries. In the year 1999 World tourism organisation reported that realised that the international tourism visits to the happening destinations increased annually by a 9 % of good growth as in the year 1988-1997, and the number of the international tourists grew by approximately 664 millions in the year 1999. Tourism has been among the best sources of income generation for the countries of the world, and its development economically ( 'TOURISM PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT2013 List of Reviewers ', 2013). The central Highlands of the Island: In this paper, we will discuss about the different processes regarding the planning of the tourism and the development of the tourism in the region of the central Highlands of the Island. This island is situated in the Eastern Mediterranean Ocean covering an area of around 4.400 Sq Km and is a well known destination for the tourist. In spite of its area many challenges are faced by the island in the development of the tourism which includes the depressed economy, limited infrastructure and also some issues related to the environment. Will also discuss how the revenues have been generated by them because of tourism and also

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