Tourism Business Environment Of The Inbound Chinese Market

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The subject of this report is to analyse the tourism business environment of the inbound Chinese market and evaluate this country in the perspective of Visit Britain.
On this report, it will be provided an introduction of the Pest (Political, Economic, Social and Technological) analysis, where it will be explained the nature of this study and it will be described what each sector means. A briefly overview of the country selected, China and how it is the situation of the country in terms of business sector. Will be evaluate the impact of macro-environments factors and what this impacts may will have on the Chinese market and its references. Will be critically assess the various political, economic, social and technological factors as a potential market segment in relation to VisitBritain. To finalize this report, will be provide an overall conclusion as this market is suitable target for VisitBritain.

China is the leading and quick growing country, which has strong economy and it has a a massive number of industries in all segments.
According to Mintel (February 2016)
“China now ranks as one of the biggest source markets of tourism globally, but more significantly, the Chinese are now the top spenders on tourism in the world”.

Pest analysis of an Inbound Tourism Market
Pest Analysis describes key factors from macro-environment and its purpose.
“A structured process that allow an organisation to investigate the major external factors that may impact on its current,
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