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Year round pretty mild with no significant heat or cold. Around 89 degrees at its hottest and 29 degrees on its coldest. They get approximately 45in of rain each year.

About 434 feet above sea level and is in the central part of North Carolina. Located where the hilly Piedmont region meets the flat coastal plain. Located midway between the Great Smoky Mountains and west of the Atlantic Ocean.

Major city for the US high tech and Bio Tech parks. Number of colleges surround Raleigh so they have a huge impact on the city. Medical research and development have also been linked to the city due to great medical schools at those colleges.

The average temp for Manakara is 87 degrees Fahrenheit with the high reaching up to 93 degrees
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The rainfall is light with them only getting about 6.2 inches.

Macieo is on the Eastern part of South America bordering the Atlantic ocean. Deforestation is common in brazil at the Amazon basin. It is located on the South American continent and touches every other South American country except Ecuador and Chile.
Brazil's economy is the eighth largest in the world although Maceio is one of the poorest cities in Brazil. The industry here is mostly agriculture and industrial work and it does quite well. The other main one is a service sector and it doesn’t do as well. Tourism is also a big part and Maceio being the capital city of Alagoas it attracts many looking for beautiful beaches.
The hottest this coastal city will get is 77 degrees Fahrenheit which is perfect weather for the beach. The coldest it will get is 47 degrees which cold for a coastal city. They get tons of usually rain around 68.5 inches.
Spain touches both the Mediterranean sea and Bay of Biscay. The Pyrenees mountains goes through the country and is south of France. Maceio is 12 miles south of the french border so it is fairly easy to get to France.
San Sebastian is a food lover's paradise. You come here from all over the world to experience their world class surfing and come to all the restaurants and experience the world cuisine. It's a scenic location full of cultural heritage. It is one of the most expensive real estate markets in the country.
Cairns experience hot and humid

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