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In general, the political situation of a country is recognized as an important factor that influences tourism development. A stable political condition is a significant requirement that enables a tourist to visit and travel within the destination country (Hall & O’Sullivan, 1996). When the political situation is instable, tourists will perceive negative image that directly effects the tourism industry. As Neumayer (2004) said tourists are sensitive to the negative image of a tourist destination, events of violence can affect tourist destination long after the event has passed and stabilized. Cook (1990) noted political instability is a condition of a country where a government has been toppled, or is controlled by factions following a…show more content…
This viability comes into play when choosing which choice set, as discussed above, to place a destination into, Evoked, Inert or Inept. Previous studies have criticized that political instability is characterized by a multifaceted and complex character and its existence and impact in various countries worldwide are multilevel and multi-dimensional. For example, recent border unrest between the US and Mexico due to drug violence, seems to have affected travel to the beach areas of the Cancun and Mayan Rivera. Some researchers gave an opinion about political stability that can be considered to an effect on destination image (Andriole & Hopple, 1984; Gupta, 1990; Sanders, 1981). The Extent and magnitude of political instability are the determinant factors for the modulation of the image of destinations in tourist generating countries and in extent the perceived stability and safety of a particular destination in the eyes of prospective tourists. The way that bombings, coup d’etat, armed conflicts, civil war, attacks, civil war, attacks on tourists or even the probability of such occurrences, are perceived by tourists is the determinant factor which modulates tourist visitation and the travel behavior of the perspective tourists. The historical

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