Tourism Impact On The Economy, Economy And Environment In Saudi Arabia

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This study addresses the domain of tourism and hospitality practices as well as its positive and negative effects on the economy, culture and traditions, and the environment globally and in Saudi Arabia. It also focuses on the need for more improvement and diversity on the tourism patterns. In addition, the study hopes to provide an understanding of residents’ attitudes towards tourism impacts on the culture, economy and the environment in Saudi Arabia.
Today, tourism has become a global phenomenon being widely recognized in both regional and national levels. In fact, tourism is considered as one of the fastest growing sectors in the world economy, thereby being viewed as a potential sector in raising tax revenues, providing employment opportunities as well as promoting economic diversity (Khizindar, 2012). Goeldner and Ritchie (2006) indicate that the significance of tourism has increased considerably through educational institutions such as universities as well as media, which are conduits of spreading the concept of tourism and hospitality .For instance, Saudi Arabia is one of those countries in the Middle East, which is determined to promote tourism for growth and sustainability despite belonging to those nations that have historically built their economies on oil and natural gas (Eid, 2012).
However, some studies indicate that tourists might have cultural, social, economic and environmental impacts on the local residents. In fact, these recent studies have awakened
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