Tourism In Nepal Essay

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Tourism define as “visitors who visit the different place or country from their usual environment less than a year for any reason such as business meeting, holidays, education tour, sports tour are known as tourism” (UNWTO, 2010).
In Nepal, the tourism industry started in 1955 when it issued the first tourist visa at the request of president of Russia, Boris Lissanevitch (Rana 2013). She also mentioned that in the late 1960s the members of hippie subculture visitors began to increase dramatically. A decade later, 1970s Nepal was one of the very popular spots for holiday makers and cultural tourist. A few decades later, in 1990s the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) was established. According to Naturally Nepal organisation they mentioned in report that, “Nepal Tourism Board had started in 1998 in the form of partnership between the private tourism industry and government of Nepal”. They also mentioned that this group will work to develop the tourist destination in Nepal for to attract more tourists.
This report will highlight the historical events of the tourism in Nepal. And also include the different tourist destinations and how it effects on the environment. Finally, it will detail the Nepal governments how to develop the tourism industry in future.
Tourist destinations in Nepal Nepal is amazing tourist’s attraction destination. Most of the religious, natural site is listed in World Heritage Sites (UNESCO). There are many religious sites which attract the tourists to visit,
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