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Tourism in Malaysia started from the 1960s and it is one of the new forces in the economic sector but the growth was slow. Then, a tourism master plan was added into the Second Malaysia Plan during 1971-1975 and this marked the beginning of tourism as the country’s economic contributor that has become the second highest foreign exchange earner for the country after the manufacturing sector (Robiah S., 2007). In the early growth of the industry, Visit Malaysia Year (VMY) is a major tourism event was launched by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism (MOCAT) in the 1990s that it was extended to include other attractions. The major markets for Malaysia tourism are the neighbouring ASEAN countries, China, South Korea, Japan, India,…show more content…
Previously, comparison in terms of tourism development with other ASEAN countries such as Thailand and Indonesia, Malaysia was less developed in the tourism industry sector. Malaysia is currently the third largest economy in South East Asia behind Indonesia and Thailand (Wikipedia, 2014) and also Malaysia’s economy is growing rapidly due to the tourism sector in Malaysia has become the second largest sources income of foreign exchange earnings in the country and also the third largest sources . Besides, it is significantly contributing to GDP growth, investment and strengthening the services account of the balance of payments. It also would increase the employment opportunities in the country. In Malaysia, tourism can be defined to include the provision of goods and services, which necessary to maintain tourists, such as transportation, accommodation, restaurants and activities. Malaysia has diverse natural resources both on land and on sea as well as rich cultural heritage which provide a basis of interesting attraction of tourists. In 1999, Malaysia tourism board has launched a worldwide marketing one campaign called “Malaysia Truly Asia”, which was largely successful to bring in over 7.9 million of tourists into Malaysia and receipts around RM12.3 billion revenue and the revenue and tourist arrival number are kept increasing year by year. In recent years tourism has been brought forward by the positive impacts of the growing

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