Tourism Is Essential For Tourism Essay

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1. Introduction While there are many definitions of tourism, it is often defined as: people going from their usual areas to new areas. Tourism does not happen when one does not come from elsewhere to stay for one night or more. Every human has been a tourist whether it was domestically or internationally. As an industry, there is the supply side of tourism and the demand side. However, as a system, the industry as a whole is only a contributing factor of tourism. Leiper (1977) took a systematic approach to tourism; he considered it to be an open system; it has inter-dependent components and is affected by external factors. This means that tourism does not work in isolation to the world that surrounds it, in fact the world around tourism is essential for tourism to be able to operate. ‘We call a thing a system when we wish to express the fact that thing is perceived/conceived as consisting of a set of elements, or parts, that are connected to one another by at least one distinguishing principle’ (Jordan, 1981). Therefore, as Leiper’s model suggests, Tourism is in fact a system. It consists of three interdependent components, or elements, which are all connected to each other. These components are: The geographical component, the human component and the business component. These elements rely on each other in the same way tourism relies on them as a whole and separately; the way a system’s components rely on each other. As a whole, the tourism system is affected by and can

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