Tourism Planning

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Robinson and Novelli (2005) note ‘niche tourism’ has become a growing trend occurring in current years in contrast to what is frequently related to as ‘mass tourism’. Cusack and Dixon (2006) add niche tourism is known to present diversity and provide opportunities with a form of tourism that aims towards sustainability alongside considering expenditure from tourists. Furthermore, it suggests a more practical set of strategies that distinguishes tourists. Gartner (1996) demonstrates how niche tourism consists of distinct interests, culture and/or activity built tourism including small proportion of tourist in authentic surroundings. Moreover, niche tourism can fall into more specific categories where cultural, environmental,
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It is important to note Ecotourism accounts for 6% of the worldwide GDP with an astounding growing rate of 5% per annum (Nora, 2012).
Page and Dowling (2002) cite the relevance of understanding the different components between “hard” and “soft” ecotourism. For example hard ecotourism is the desirable type which emphasises a long term attitude towards nature. Additionally, trips tend to be specialised i.e. undertaken for ecotourism purposes only, with participants likely to be environmentalists who are dedicated to the principles of sustainability (Sharpley and Telfer 2002). In contrast soft ecotourism is the consideration of the short term and favourable with many participants who are tourists with less appreciation for the environment. Moreover, soft ecotourism occurs in a less natural setting such as wildlife parks, however is usually accompanied by a high level of service and facility provision (Weaver and Lawton, 2002).
Orams (1995) highlights the purpose for ecotourism becoming an important aspect in recent years. He suggests the term can be outlined back to the 1980’s, with invention being the outcome of increased acknowledgment of and response to negative effects as a consequence of mass tourism in natural spaces. Middleton and Hawkins
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