Tourism Policy And Planning For Tourism

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Policy and planning directly related, despite being completely different types of processes, they both confront the same issues, that being the overall future development of a destination. This essay reflects on policy and planning in the tourism industry. Beginning with the purpose of tourism policy, underlining why policy and planning is important, how it is utilized, and finally the benefits to tourism development. Utilizing examples from Kenya, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Croatia to further illustrate why tourism policies and planning are necessary in destinations.
Policy is government involvement in the tourism industry, which develops a framework around long-term tourism development, as well as daily implications that impact a destination. The purpose of which is to provide stakeholders a board framework of economic and social benefits, generally employment and income (Goeldner., & Ritchie, 2012). Planning, however, is forecasting the possible future of the destination developing a process, that limits the negative effects of a tourist footprint and still allowing the destination to benefit and develop (Graci, 2015., & Goeldner., & Ritchie, 2012). Therefore, together the purpose of both tourism policy and planning is to ensure that tourists are getting a high quality experience, which still benefits the destination, while minimizing the negative effects that impact the success of the destination, such as diminishing a destinations environmental, cultural and
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