Tourism Supply Is A Complex Phenomenon

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Tourism supply is a complex phenomenon derived from the summation of the value of tourism products offered by an industry. Technically, the value of products’ sales is derived after the total supply is multiplied by the corresponding tourism/ product ratio. Song (2012) refers to tourism supply as the direct result of every good and service that is significant in meeting the demand of tourism consumption. Tourism supply is complex in nature due to its non-mobility of location in an otherwise globalized edge in its activities. As such, technology that links transport of the consumers with relevant information is useful in forming inter-sectorial linkages in the tourism industry. Mostly, different sectors are involved in tourism supply.

Concept of Tourism Supply
Tourism supply, as a component, refers to the aggregate of all businesses that are involved in providing services to enhance pleasure and leisure in the visited environment. Tourism supply is classified into four components namely transportation, built environment, cultural resources and hospitality. The natural resources include the air, flora and fauna, natural beauty, terrain and water supply. Transportation incorporates items such as airplanes, ships, buses and other infrastructure that involve delivery. The transportation component is linked with the built environment in a complementary manner because the built environment involves the roads, water supply systems, parks, hotels and communication
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