Tourism : The World 's Fastest Growing Industries

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Tourism does not operate in isolation from the world that surrounds it.


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Tourism is one of the world 's fastest growing industries; a dominant source of foreign exchange earning and employment for advancing countries, however it is far more complex due to the social, political, environmental and economic perspectives that interlace. To get a clearer understanding of these concepts, tourism scholar, Neil Leiper created a system examining these components and how they are applied to tourism. Leiper uses key ideas such as the 'transit region, generating region and destination region ' to support his belief that “The use of the plural of the word 'system ' is intentional” for he argues that “tourism systems function at a personal level, with each tourist operating within his or her own tourism system” (Leiper, 1990). (Weaver & Lawton, 2010) as cited in (Leiper 2004) explains that tourism has advanced by an astonishing amount over recent years and is now of the world 's leading economic industries as a result of improving technologies. However, the tourism industry has demonstrated that it can be unreliable as the interaction between the key influencers changes, resulting in disruption around the world (Cornelissen, 2005).

In saying this we are able to think about the statement; Tourism does not operate in isolation from the world that surrounds it. Many people and businesses
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