Tourism : Tourism And Hospitality Industries Essay

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Introduction Nowadays, tourism and hospitality industries have become the main investors in World’s economy and taking the world on great height. There are some directions for making the tourists more attractive and flexible, also few pattern, which makes the destinations stronger. These are pull and push factors. The pull factors play a significant role to make the destinations more attractive and tourists value their interests towards the culture and heritage. Destinations should have some intense attributes can either by tangible resources. In this report, Hong Kong is a destination that shows the important features of cultural and heritage demand in tourism industry in the Asia Pacific region. In Hong Kong, tourists influence by the attractiveness of this place for example, natural and man-made attractions, climate, heritage sites and nature based tourism. The study of religion and culture gives the knowledge of cultural resources and opportunities to make cultural destinations. Although, tourism industry studies on various factors are cultural tourism, tourist behavior, the business of tourism, Global Distribution system, history of tourism and social studies. Tourism is so vast and so multifaceted organization of tourism and hospitality industries need to obtain a wide range of knowledge related to tourism. However, tourists are showing their interests towards Asia- Pacific regions impressively and these countries have maximum tourist arrivals and becoming famous
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