Tourism : Tourism And Sustainable Tourism

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Tourism’s role in biodiversity conservation in Eco Tourism

Sustainable tourism has begun to emerge in 70-80ies of the 20th century as a local idea to create a balance between the economic benefits of recreation in nature and environmental safety of the recreational areas in the global ideas - conservation of the planet as the basis of life on it. On our planet, many governments have stepped up their efforts, with the legislative support of environmental protection, the development of recommendations on the organization of tourist activities in these countries through creation of new protected areas (Harrison 1992).

Whilst there is no single definition of ecotourism, there are many definitions, similar in meaning, but differ in wording and context. One of them states: “eco-tourism or sustainable tourism is a traveling with responsibility to the environment with respect to the undisturbed natural areas to explore and enjoy nature and cultural attractions, which contributes to the protection of nature, has a "soft" impact on the environment, provides an active socio-economic involvement of local residents and they receive benefits from this activity”. (Wood 1991)

Ecotourism is responsible travel to natural areas that promotes conservation and improves the welfare of local people. On the basis of these definitions there are the following features of ecotourism, which are formulated as a set of principles: o stimulating and satisfying the desire to communicate…

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