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| Destination and Sector Report - Spain | An insight into Spain as a tourism destination: Will it be one of the most sought after destinations in the near future? – An analysis and feasibility study | | Raaghav Murugappan | Due Date - 18/11/2012 | ID Number – 000001185 Course – Hospitality and Tourism Business Course Code – BUSS101 Lecturer – Mr. Christopher Simon Dutt | Table of Contents Executive Summary ii 1. History of Hospitality and Tourism Sectors in Spain iii 2. Travel and Tourism Sector – The 4 A’s of Tourism iv 2.1 Accommodation in Spain v 2.2 Attractions in Spain v 2.3 Accessibility in Spain vi 2.4 Amenities in Spain vii 3. The Restaurant Sector in Spain vii 4. Hotels in Spain viii 5. Clubs and MICE…show more content…
There are different types of lodgings to cater to the different tourist groups. These range from youth hostels to boutique hotels and high-end hotels, with numerous options in between as well. The most sought after lodgings among these are the ‘Paradors’, which are usually hotels run by the government and some of which are at the higher end of the spectrum when it comes down to pricing. These ‘Paradors’ are usually located in heritage sites or historic buildings and give visitors an authentic feel during their stay. Most of these are fairly reasonable in terms of pricing taking into account the high quality amenities and facilities that they have to offer. Some of these ‘Paradors’ also have a restaurant that serves regional and traditional cuisine and delicacies. There are about 90 of these ‘Paradors’ in Spain and together they offer a total of more than 10000 rooms. Apart from these, Spain also offers campsites, tourist apartments for those who want to stay for a longer duration of time, guest houses, accommodation in rural areas such as country houses and also distinctive accommodation facilities which have an element of tradition associated with them and these are mostly found in the rural areas and are refurbished buildings. Examples of such accommodations are the ‘Pazos’ in Galicia which

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