Essay on Tourism and Hospitality

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According to Horner and Swarbrook (2007) tourism involves travelling or being involved in leisure activities. Hospitality involves friendly treatment of guests or tourists and is a very important sector in the tourism industry (Horner and Swarbrook, 2007). Understanding consumer behavior is very crucial towards making decisions about marketing of tourism products and activities. In order to optimize the marketing activity, and thus fully benefit from the tourism industry, it is necessary to understand how consumers make their decisions and the factors that affect the decision making by the tourists. Moreover, it is crucial to understand consumer tastes at various seasons. The tourism industry changes with seasons. For example, tourism…show more content…
This is because it is beyond the control of the company and the company chooses that location after the realization of the opportunity. As such, location as a factor towards success of tourism companies should be coupled with other internal factors such as communication, marketing strategy and advertisement. The location of the tourism company plays a great role in the success of any tourism company and in making the company famous. For example, Penglai is very famous for being along a popular coastline and wine, thus drawing many tourists (Crook, 2010). The popularity of the place makes the tourists companies within the location become famous since they get advantage of being frequently visited. In places like Africa, the existence of national parks and game parks has drawn a lot of tourist visiting the places. As such, tourist companies based in such locations such as hotels, camping sites and travel agencies become famous due to the frequent visits made by several tourists. The cultural background of the location is also important in drawing tourists to the place, thus making the companies in the location famous and successful. According to Chambers (1997), the culture of a place and its people play a great role in promoting tourism in a place as it acts as a magnet in attracting tourists in the place. According to Reisinger (2009), many tourism companies
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