Tourism and Malaysia

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The Impact Of Tourism In Malaysian Society Tourism Essay
Malaysia has invested in a wide range of tourism destinations for tourists. This country is blessed with diverse cultures, traditions and histories, coupled with different landscapes and natural resources; the country has built a strong and fascinating appeal for both local and international tourists. Tourism sector, therefore, is of great importance to Malaysia’s economy as one of the major foreign exchange revenue or earnings second to the manufacturing industry.
Malaysia is a country situated in the Southeast Asia spanning from approximately 1˚N to 6˚45́́ʹN latitude and 99˚36ʹE to 104˚24ʹE longitude, consisting of thirteen states and three Federal Territories, with
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The tourism sector being a strong contributor is just not a new finding as its contribution has received widespread recognition in the country. (The tourism destination conference for 2010) reveals that the tourism receipt for 2009 was at RM 53.367.7 million, with 23.65 million tourist arrivals, making this industry the second largest income earner for the country in the same year and though these figures are laudable, it is said that the ‘local tourism sector has not been exploited to its potential’ (Y.B. Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib, 3rd March 2010). In 2009, Malaysia made it into top 10 most visited countries in the world, and was confidently placed in the 9th position below turkey and Germany. This remark shows that Malaysia’s tourism sector has pulled international recognition and has gained force of attraction that draws the attention of tourists all around the continents of the world to choose Malaysia as their tourism destination.
Social impact of the tourism industry
The social impact of tourism in Malaysia is indelible and will sustain a world record in the nearest future. In a country with a diverse nationality, diverse race, culture and religion, it has proven to me that understanding, tolerance and acceptance are part of the key values that is keeping Malaysia at the top among the top tourist destination countries in the world today. The masterminds behind the success of the tourism sector and
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