Tourism in Canada

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Tourism has always been apart of us in different ways, shapes, and forms. It has greatly evolved due to technology and transportation advances, which have made traveling efficient and quick and given us the proper resources to be prepared prior to “adventuring” away from home. Tourism has become the largest growth industry in the world. It not only witnesses millions of tourists but is also host to the largest number of jobs. Ranging from hotels, restaurants, attraction sites, transportation services, etc the tourism industry is booming. Tourists travel differently. Weather it be individually, as a couple, as a family, or a group of friends, they all travel to enjoy natural and/or cultural attractions. Natural tourism, ecotourism,…show more content…
With astonishing numbers like this, Ontario Parks wants to provide services to help protect not only the natural resources but the people as well. The website is aimed to include all pertinent information visitors need to visit a park. The content displays a variety of visitor activities, accommodations, fees, reservations and availabilities, as well as ski reports. The obvious website service offered is a park locator which has been enhanced through pictures. Some extra helpful information that has been provided are opening and closing park dates as well as fees which includes vehicle entry fees, daily pass fees, camping fees, reservation fees, accommodation fees, and much more. A great asset of the website is the reservation and campsite vacancies service. Online reservations have been made possible through Ontario Parks. Depending on location, visitors can search which days are available to suit their needs. Accommodations are also available whether it be via car / recreational vehicle camping, backpacking, or cabins, yurts, or lodges. One of the most interesting findings is a report on ski conditions. Listed by park name and trail, information regarding ski activities is made available to visitors. Another interesting service is the online park store. This online store offers clothing, stuffed animals, posters, calendars, park accessories, and much more which can all be purchased as souvenirs.
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