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Executive summary
Goa is a destination with a growing rate of visiting tourists. It has ideal places to explore as beaches, natural beauties and monumental experiences. The tourism business is growing since domestic tourists have increased significantly for the last decade. The hotel industry is ready for this challenge since Goa still has the unexplored land, where investments can be made for the
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There are three categories within hotel industries: Beach hotels, city hotels and eco hotels (Goa Tourism, 2005). Categorized in stars, Goa has 421hotels where 367 of them are licensed. Furthermore smaller hotels or paying guest houses adds another 2501 hotels in the statistics (AC Neilsen, 2008). Furthermore they are all priced depending on the location. Prices range from 1000 Rs-2800 Rs. Here are the more international hotels excluded since they have a whole another price range (Goa Tourism, 2010).
Duration of stay
The literature explains the duration of stay for the tourist in different way. However in the literature Kamat,2010 it is found that foreign tourists usually prefer a stay from 1 week and up to 1 month and international tourists mostly spent this time to enjoy the pleasant climate compared to their own climate back home.

Type of tourists
Goa is facing tourism where the group of individual explorer is the majority of the foreign tourists. This group is then followed by the package tourist. Other reasons contribute to this as business, leisure, study, health and sports (Kamat, 2010).

Government policies
The Government of India has positioned tourism as one of the main areas for economic growth and is aiming to develop it further in order to overcome the overall problem of long-term poverty and unemployment (“The World Factbook”, 2010).
A committee called National Tourism Policy has made a policy which the Ministry

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