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Paving Paradise American tourism to Hawaii has increased by 14.2 percent in just two years. This dramatic increase in tourism seems to be a beneficial boost for Hawaii's economy; however, the increasing rate of tourism is harming the native people of Hawaii. While the Hawaiian economy is experiencing one of its most fruitful years, the native Hawaiian people are suffering from job loss, poverty, depression, and an overall "cultural destruction" (Trask 260). Haunani-Kay Trask uses rhetoric to discuss these harmful effects in her essay "Tourist, Stay Home" in order to persuade her readers into believing that tourism can actually be a bad thing for an economy. On the other hand, in his article "Surf's Up for the Economy in Hawaii," Jim…show more content…
These are the people that have the money to spend on vacations to Hawaii. These readers have probably visited Hawaii more than once with their families. Carlton is there to give these vacationers gratification for their lavish weekends by pointing out how much their money truly helps the state of Hawaii. The Wall Street Journal, probably more than any other American newspaper, supports growth of the American economy as a whole rather than as an individual state. Not only do Carlton and this newspaper promote American economy, but they also devalue foreign economy. For example, Carlton explains the previous shortage of Japanese tourism in Hawaii by writing "the basic reason is that the U.S. economy is stronger than Japan." It is apparent that one of Carlton's objectives is to discourage American tourism of foreign countries in order to decrease foreign economical growth. The Wall Street Journal and its right-wing audience are actually more concerned with the development of the American Economy, rather than the development of the single state of Hawaii and its native people's well-being. The presentation of Carlton's information is straightforward. He gives interesting statistics that include both the ups and downs of the Hawaiian economy. He does not deny that Hawaii has not always had the luster that it has today. His representation of both sides of the Hawaiian economy allows his writing to seem

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