Tourism in Turkey: Ancient Wonders, Modern Beauty

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Ancient Wonders, Modern Beauty Stereotypes abound about Turkey. For many people in the United States and Europe and indeed in much of Asia as well the picture that people have of Turkey is one from the nation's past, a collage of souks and dusty women heavily veiled, of children running the streets to pickpocket tourists and steal from street vendors. Of a nation caught forever between the past and the modern, Asia and Europe, democracy and caliphate, Islam and Christianity. These images call up a nation roiling in conflict, one that should most likely be avoided and that, if it cannot be, should be visited with head down, keeping oneself to oneself to avoid street crime as well as images of abject poverty. But the above, of course, has nothing to do with modern Turkey, a place that welcomes visitors not with conflict but with a blend of all of the cultures that have left their mark on the land. Except, of course, that there is some reality about that first image. As much as many Turks might like to think of their nation as a vibrant mélange of at least a dozen different cultures, representatives of many of the world's great religions and art, food, music, archaeological wonders, there are also political and economic troubles roiling through the nation. Marketing of the country for the purposes of tourism must make it clear to potential international visitors of the wealth that the country has an unimaginable wealth of offerings while also acknowledging that the country

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