Tourism in the Philippines

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Executive Summary

Philippine Tourism indeed is one of the major contributors in our Gross Domestic Product. History shows that there are already long term developments of tourism in the Philippines that has been influenced by the interaction of both internal and external factors. Some of these factors include the relative attractiveness of the country over time, its proximity to markets, the availability of tourist infrastructure and superstructure, and the extent to which its role as a promoter of economic and social development is recognized.

For this research paper, the researchers analyzed the current situation on Philippine Tourism through pinpointing its internal and external factors that are
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It formulates policies, plans, programs, rules, and regulations; reviews and evaluates the performance of the Tourism Master Plan and advises the President on all matters affecting the tourism program of the country.

Tourism Promotions Sector

Devises integrated marketing and promotional activities such as information dissemination, public relations, special events, and related tourism programs as well as supervises the overseas field offices established to implement and enhance the tourism development and promotion program of the Department in the international field.

Tourism Services and Regional Offices Sector

Ensure the pleasant entry, stay, and exit of tourists. It formulates standards of quantity and efficiency for tourism-oriented establishments, among others, done through an accreditation system as well as supervises DOT's regional operations established to implement the policies, plans, programs, and regulations of the Department and to maintain the delivery of efficient and effective frontline services for the tourism industry.

Planning, Product Development and Coordination

Formulate and update of the Tourism Master Plan, together with its component programs. It monitors the effective implementation of the Tourism Master Plan and, in coordination with the private sector and other government institutions, develops and conceptualizes new products and investment opportunities designed to
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