Tourism on Malacca

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Tourism on Malacca, Malaysia TABLE OF CONTENT Page 1.0 Executive Summary 2.0 Situation Analysis 1 2.1 Market Summary 2 2.2 Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat Analysis 3 2.3 Competition 4 2.4 Product Offerings 5 2.5 Distribution 6 3.0 Marketing Strategy 7 3.1 Objective…show more content…
These leisure establishments and hospitable resting easily accommodate the tourists every year. The tourists can find their own accommodation based on their budget. There are some hotels provide a good facilities such as swimming pools, sport facilities, bars and restaurants. So, they may carry these indoor activities if they choose to stay at hotel. • Entertainment places There is a lot of entertainment places located around the Malacca. Shopping centre is one of the places that tourists may choose to go. Mahkota Parade and Pahlawan are the two main shopping centres in the Malacca. There will be some sale seasons in the whole year. The tourists can use the lowest price to buy the souvenirs or cloths during this period. Bars is another entertainment places that tourist choose for relaxing. From there, the tourists can able to adopt local culture and enjoy local foods. • Weather The stable weather patterns in Malacca make any time of year a good time to visit. Melaka is situated within three degrees latitude of the equator. The degree is between 25oC - 33oC. The weather patterns in Melaka aren't extreme. Weaknesses • Poor transportation system Malacca has a really poor public transportation system that the public transports systems are not standardized. Most of the taxis in Malacca don't have a metered system and their
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