Tourist Destinations in the Muslim World

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Köw Ata underground lake This Lake is located within the Bakharden Köw Ata cave in the city of Bakharden. Bakharden is located 56 miles east of the capital city Ashgabat. The lake is 200 feet deep underground and approximately 235 feet long. The lake is heated by thermal springs which keep the water at 35°C and allow for the lake to be used as a bath. The water contains numerous minerals and salts and is the home of the largest colony of bats in the region. I selected this site because I love the Carlsbad Caverns here in the United States and I thought that it would be interesting to visit a place that is popular with the local population. I have always been fascinated by the rock formations that form in old Caverns and how you are able to just how old a place is by looking at the sedimentary layers present. While at the Cave I would like to tour all the different parts that I am able as well as to swim in the lake. I think that this will impact my understanding and experience of the country because I will be able to see what it is like to be a landlocked country that has very little access to large bodies of water. While the Caspian Sea is accessible to Turkmenistan, the Köw Ata Lake is preferred by the Capital’s citizens due to its proximity. It will be a new perspective to have, especially coming from a country where pools and water parks are abundant. Plateau of Dinosaurs The Plateau is located within

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