Toward Intentional Interviewing and Counseling

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Chapter 1 Toward Intentional Interviewing and Counseling INTRODUCTION: WHAT IS THE “CORRECT” RESPONSE TO OFFER A CLIENT? * There are many potentially useful responses in any interviewing situation. * Reflecting the client’s emotions can be helpful. * Selecting one aspect to focus on can be useful, and then later you can examine other dimensions by asking an open question. * Our tasks: * Respect the client * Use appropriate skills and strategies * Seek to alleviate stress INTERVIEWING, COUNSELING, AND PSYCHOTHERAPY * INTERVIEWING * The most basic process used for information gathering, problem solving, and psychosocial information giving. * Short term – only one or two sessions * Example:…show more content…
* Development and growth are the aim of all that we do; change * Search for strengths and resources that will empower the client. * Relationship Story & strengths Goals Restory Action * As you listen to stories, simultaneously search for more complex, unsaid stories that may lie behind the initial narrative. BOX 1-1 (page 18) * The word “problem” implies difficulty and the necessity of eliminating or solving the problem. Problem may imply deficit. Not all problems can be solved. * Considering client issues as “problems” can get in the way of a positive relationship. The words “concern” or “issue” suggest something we all experience constantly. These words also suggest that we can deal with it (positive standpoint). * Terming a “problem” a challenge is a call to our strengths and an opening for change. * Help clients define their goals clearly and the positive assets they already have to resolve their issues. Then you can help them restory with a can do self-image. RELATIONSHIP STORY & STRENGTHS GOALS RESTORY ACTION * Narrative theory emphasizes storytelling and the generation of new meanings. * The concepts of narration, storytelling, and conversation are useful frameworks as we examine skills, strategy, and theory in interviewing, coaching, counseling, and
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