Towards The Building Of English Arabic

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Towards the Building of English-Arabic Frame-Based Lexicon Towards the Building of English-Arabic Contextual Lexicon Hameed A. K. Essa, PhD. Lecturer of Linguistics, Department of English, Faculty of Education, Damanhur University Abstract Although the lexicon has become a main component of the contemporary syntactic theories, the scientific study of English-Arabic lexicography has received little attention in the literature. Most English-Arabic dictionaries are made for commercial purposes: words are collected and arranged alphabetically and lists of senses are cramped without any indications to sense distinctions or usage guidelines. This totally impoverished coverage does not reflect the vibrancy of the field of lexicology and its role in modern syntactic theories. Thus, this paper aims at discussing problems of building English-Arabic Lexicons and proposing a novel way of building lexicons through providing clear cut distinctions between the senses of a lexical entry by determining the context of a lexical entry through employing frame technique and providing corpus-based example sentences. Keywords: Lexicons, Lexicography, Lexicology, Sense Enumerative Lexicon, Generative Lexicon, Contextual Information, Contextual Features 1. Introduction The role of the lexicon in modern syntactic theory 1. Generalized phrase structure 2. Head driven phrase structure 3. Lexical functional grammar 4. Framnet 5. Verbnet 6. Wordnet The problems in English-Arabic
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