Towers Watson Performance Management Analysis

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New research from Towers Watson’s Performance Management Pulse Survey 2015 has confirmed that the concerns raised in these articles are shared widely in many companies around the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. Almost 65% of organisations described their performance management processes as ineffective, while only three out of 10 managers and employees reported being satisfied with these same processes.

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Source: Towers Watson Performance Management Survey 2015

But while there is broad agreement about the ineffectiveness of many current programmes, the reasons behind the dissatisfaction are surprisingly different from the picture painted by the headlines. Rather than confirming that companies are spending too much time on developing employee performance, the survey found that 83% of companies invest fewer than six hours per year on each employee. Against a background where employees are often demanding more frequent feedback and touchpoints, there is a clear disconnect emerging.

Global employee engagement data confirm how important spending time to set clear goals and objectives and discussing careers is to employees. Indeed, these frequently appear as two of the top three drivers of sustainable engagement and retention.

In this most recent survey, for example, employees said they want to spend more time setting relevant goals (58%) and participating in performance feedback and career discussions (72%). These results further underscore…
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