Town Family Members Essay

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My family network starts with my grandparents. Both sets of grandparents have passed away while I was younger. My parents relationship is strong. They have raised four children and worked and retired from two jobs each. My parents main focus is spending time with other family members from their own brother and sisters; all four of us children; and their seven grandchildren. The communication with my parents was strong up until 2004, where their was a major blow up about meeting other out of town family members who was visting and the job was not allowing that meeting to take place. From 2004 until end of 2008 their was not much communication between myself and parents. In 2009, the communication started to slowly open up, with a…show more content…
I always show my daughter on why it is important to do things such as saying yes ma'am or no sir, to include showing her how school works ties into life skills. That is when viewing my genogram, I listed our relationship as conflictive and the relationship with the daughter is reflective as well.

I am closest to my daughter, we do a lot of activites to include theme parks; mall hopping; sporting events; homework; school activities. I make sure that every school break is filled with activities and to protect her and keep her from when her mother goes on her rampage when it comes to going out to gamble with her filipino friends. I even have to participate in sleep overs in the family room with pizza, soda and popcorn.

For the family I grew up, we are starting to communicate more and do more outings compared to pre 2009 years. Phone contact is the main source, we share on the good times and whatever bad times may happen in the San Antonio household.

Stengths of the family is all will take care of each other when it comes down to a real problem for any member in the family I grew up and my current household.

An area of improvement is to be more tolerant and patient. To continue to work and make the family a strong unit. I have opened up more to the family that I grew up with; and still working
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