Town Planning of Ancient Romans

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Ancient Roman town /settlement Planning ( 700B.C-500 AD)

• Romans adopted the technology and planning skills of the Greeks. They were more advanced than the Greeks in terms of technological skills which they used to develop better infrastructural facilities and construction techniques.

• Lime concrete was invented • Applied mechanics for moving heavy masses developed.

• Roads were paved with stones

• Advanced system of water supply (Aqueducts &water reservoirs), sewage system and drainage system through ducts and underground sewers in semi-circular vaulted form were used. • All public latrines were connected to underground sewerage system. People normally used the public latrines.

Planning principles

• The
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Eleven parallel cross-streets in either direction with surface terracing on the undulating ground.
4. This gives an unparalleled completeness in its architectural footing.
5. The forum is (160 feet x 145 feet). The market, the temple site and the other non-residential buildings were artificially raised above the general street level.
6. The public buildings had porticoes, colonnades and other features giving variety to the architectural scene.
7. Some houses were as big as 200 feet x 200 feet.


Assignment No:1
1.Explain in detail with sketches the town planning consideration in cities during medieval&renaissance Period.(Eg. Florence,
2.Explain in detail with sketches the town planning consideration in cities during industrial &post industrial Period

Town planning India

Development of town planning in ancient India.(3000B.C)

Town planning in Indus-valley civilization (3000 B.C) • The twin cities of Mohenjo-daro and Harappa were center of all activities. Both cities were a mile square, with defensive outer walls. Cities were divided into lower dwellings and the Citadel housed important buildings.

• A remarkable feature of the large urban settlements of the Indus Valley Civilization was the regularity and order in the town planning and consideration given to the civic amenities, the sewerage system and drainage.

• These cities had highly advanced systems of town planning.

City of Mohenjo-Daro&Harappa • The main

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