Town X

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The argument that the switch of lights from incandescent bulbs to light emitting diodes (LED) would help Town X reduce the electrical expense and thus save money on electrical costs in the future is a specious one as it fails to consider some compelling evidences. The author erroneously assumed that the cost of LEDs is same as that of the incandescent lamps by just considering its initial cost. What if the maintenance cost of LEDs is more than that of an incandescent lamps? This would not only will make the author’s argument wrong but also will make it baseless .Also the author states that the LED bulbs are brighter than the incandescent lamps what if the bulbs consume more energy than the lamps. The lifetime of both the components is not compared which creates a loophole in this argument because if the LEDs last long then the cost will decrease if they don’t then the cost will increase. Secondly, the argument ignores to account for the fact that the new LED bulbs might require new fixtures which will increase the cost thus weakening the argument. Moreover what if the new bulbs require different wire for connection? According to the argument, his criteria was not…show more content…
Also, all the electric expenses in the city X is not only because of the use of incandescent light bulbs. In a city like X electricity is consumed by many electrical equipment along with the bulbs, the electricity consumed by the machines like washing-machine , iron, electric heater, air conditioner and other such goods is way more than that consumed by a bulb thus increasing the electrical expense. So even if the whole city choses to use LED bulbs it won’t change the electrical cost
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