Town of Eden Bay Essay

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The Town of Eden Bay Eden Bay is a medium-sized municipality that owns and maintains a fleet of vehicles. It has grown rapidly, just like the demand for town services. The town currently owns 90 vehicles including police cars, sanitation trucks, fire trucks, and other vehicles assigned to town employees, which the town's equipment department maintains. The maintenance budget has risen sharply, and they are wondering whether the town should continue to perform its own maintenance or outsource it to private firms. Dawn, the IT manager, says that she was told that Eden Bay had a computerized information system for vehicle maintenance. But what she found was a spreadsheet designed by a part time employee as a quick answer to a complex…show more content…
Martin, the equipment department manager would like to build his department into a first-class organization. He thinks their people are great, but they could use more technical training. Phil, the maintenance supervisor, says his mechanics are capable people, and they're doing the best they can. b. Possible Weaknesses: Using Legacy Systems Poor Records/Data Handling: Alice, the maintenance clerk, uses a spreadsheet system that was designed by a part-time employee who is no longer around. She also uses a notebook to keep track of vehicle mileage and scheduled service intervals. She writes up work orders for scheduled service, but often a mechanic finds other problems and has to write up an additional charges form. Each time a vehicle comes into the shop she starts a new row on the spreadsheet. At the end of the month, she compares the total costs from the spreadsheet with actual payroll and parts vouchers. If the totals are close, everyone is happy. If not, they try to figure out what work didn't get reported and entered into the spreadsheet. She claims that the labor codes also are a problem. c. Possible Opportunities: Improving on Current System: developing a new information system specifically designed for Vehicle fleet maintenance. d. Future Company Growth Possible Threats: More Efficient/Organized Competitor 3) Steps to Follow During Preliminary Investigation: a. Analyze Systems Request b. Make
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