Toxic Emotions At Work : How Compassionate Managers Handle Pain And Conflict

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Reading "Toxic Emotions at Work: How Compassionate Managers Handle Pain and Conflict", by Peter J. Frost. When leadership positions, such as managers and supervisors, take corrective measures it can become a very toxic environment in the workplace. There is help to alleviate this type of the employee emotion. Leadership must be compassionate to the needs of their employees, when handling a very difficult situation. This type of emotional pain felt by the employee can result in decreased productivity and a lower quality of work. Leadership needs to be proactive to ease this toxic emotion. When leadership is compassionate they truly promote a healthy productive environment for their employees. "The One Minute Manager", by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. The main reading theme is managers should reflect a compassionate behavior to his/her employees. They also need to be open with them about their expectations. "This document theme seems to be based on two underlying premises: one quality of theme spent with subordinates as with one 's children more important than quality and to in the end, people subordinates should really be managing themselves" (Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson, 1981, page 270). The reading states that managers and employees can both benefit with this type of behavior. To have a successful organization managers must clarify company goals and employee responsibilities as it relates to their performance standards. The authors believe that

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